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LEARN to MEDITATE FAST all CDs in the Portuguese Language

RELAX- MEDITATE with the guru Deise Gonçalves


Here, you will discover a more radiant you, a much more positive you.
A more successful you. A happier you. An in control you.

A Completely More Attractive You

With the ILUMINATA methods of meditation and positive imagery, you are the key that opens your inne self and take charge over your destiny

Yes you can get everything you want from life.

Right from the very first ILUMINATA
self-help/meditation instructional CD, you will know this is true.

You will learn to enjoy life’s riches.

By putting what you will learn with ILUMINATA into your life, you will be totally convinced you can acquire everything you truly want in life.

And, you can do this with total confidence.

ILUMINATA is not attached to any form of religion or religious orientation. We will never try to convert you to the thinking of any organized religion.

ILUMINATA is all about you.

ILUMINATA is compatible with you in the world you wish to thrive in.

Beginning with your first ILUMINATA Instructional Meditation CD, you will know enjoying life’s riches is not a question.
It is a fact.

You owe it to yourself to learn more about yourself. You owe it to yourself to find out more about the ILUMINATA series of instructional products.

You are the key to your freedom

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